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These simple knots are essential to know, there are many others that have their uses, but these are fairly rare.


This selection of videos has been donated by Charles Frater.

Knot File size Format
TheBowline.wmv 1.1Mb Windows Media Format
TheMonkeysFist.wmv 3.0Mb Windows Media Format
Theturkshead.wmv 3.7Mb Windows Media Format
RoundTurn_TwoHalfHitches.wmv 0.3Mb Windows Media Format
CloveHitch.wmv 0.4Mb Windows Media Format
FishermansSlipKnot.wmv 0.4Mb Windows Media Format
GrannyKnot_ReefKnot.wmv 0.5Mb Windows Media Format
OverhandKnot_Figure8.wmv 0.4Mb Windows Media Format
LoopSplice.wmv 4.5Mb Windows Media Format

Stopper Knots

Stop ropes pulling through fairleads etc. or quick stop to rope fraying.

Thumb Knot Figure of Eight
Simplest, but becomes very hard to undo. Simple, effective and easy to undo - used on jib sheet ends to stop them running through fairleads or blocks.

Reef Knot

Tie two similar thickness ropes together.

Reef Start:
Reef Done:    


Tie a loop at the end of a rope.

Fig 1 Fig 2
Fig 3 Fig 4
Here is how I remember how to tie a bowline. See Fig 1. The end of the rope "T" could be fixed. I will call it the Tree. Make a loop "H", I will call this the Hole. The free end "R" I will call the Rabbit.

The Rabbit comes Up out his Hole, Round the Tree and Back Down his Hole.

Hey presto! youn have a bowline. This knot is very dependable, the loop will not become smaller under stress, so the bowline can be used to tie a lifeline, thrown to you, round your middle. (with practice this can be done with one hand). Also used for secure attatchment to jibs and spinackers etc. Undoing is easy as the "tree" can be bent back and the rabbit's path loop can be bent back along it. This is called breaking the knot.

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