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Spinnaker Training
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Past event:   Spinnaker Training   Hurry Hurry for hoisting, dropping, gybing and more
Fri 27th July 2012  Start: 18:00  

Suitable for:
Dinghy sailors with spinner experienced who want to have some experience of handling a yacht, crew who have cruised but not used a spinnaker, experienced crew who are about to go racing with spinnakers , Skippers of any level who want more practice using a spinnaker. If already a skipper you can gain more experience of skippering your crew under spinnaker.

Course content
The spinnaker training weekends were introduced in 2003 and have proved a huge success with LCSC members. The courses are conducted by Peter Hopps (LCSC member and professional Yachmaster Instructor) and give members the opportunity to practice all aspects of spinnaker handling, from hoisting and flying through gybing and dropping. The courses will be conducted on a coded yacht rigged for racing

You should be a moderately competent sailor but do not need to have had any experience of "foredeck work" or racing. If you have always felt slightly intimidated by spinnakers and would like to break the ice in a training setting (rather than the middle of a race!) then this course is for you. Each member on the course will get to practice all positions involved in spinnaker work.

Note that in the event of strong winds the course will still go ahead but the subject will be "rough weather" sailing, stormsails, etc. An equally important part of any sailors repertoire. Last year one weekend started out in a Force 1, ideal for learning how to rig up a spinnaker, but ended with Force 6/7 winds! Two learning experiences for the price of one.

These cost of the course includes yacht charter, tuition and provisions. Mooring fees, fuel and foulie hire will be charged extra.

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