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Autumn Handicap
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LCSC Handicap Points - using Personal Handicap

Autumn Points Series - September to December 2011

Results as of 20:46 on January 17, 2012


Sailed: 8, Discards: 4, To count: 4, Entries: 30, Scoring system: Appendix B
Rank HelmName 01Oct-P01 02Oct-P02 08Oct-P03 15Oct-P04 29Oct-P05 06Nov-P06 12Nov-P07 13Nov-P08 26Nov-P09 11Dec-P10 24Dec-P11 27Dec-P12 Points
1st Chris Crosland (DNC) (DNC) 4 1   4 (DNC) DNF       (DNC) 14
2nd Ben Wilder 1 DNF (DNC) (DNC)   2 (DNC) (DNC)       1 16
3rd James Eatwell DNF (DNC) 1 DNF   (DNC) (DNC) 1       (DNC) 19
4th Martin Dixon (DNC) (DNC) 2 (DNC)   3 2 (DNC)       DNC 38
5th Liz St Clair (DNC) (DNC) DNF (DNC)   1 (DNC) DNC       2 44
6th Agnieszka Debska (DNC) DNF 5 (DNC)   (DNC) (DNC) DNS       DNC 53
7th Ed Hipkin 2 2 (DNC) (DNC)   (DNC) (DNC) DNC       DNC 66
8th Beverley Beech 4 (DNC) (DNC) (DNC)   (DNC) DNF DNC       DNC 72
9th John Chick (DNC) (DNC) (DNC) DNF   (DNC) DNF DNC       DNC 74
10th Sophie Bark-Jones (DNC) DNF (DNC) (DNC)   (DNC) DNC DNF       DNC 79
11th Silke John (DNC) DNF (DNC) (DNC)   DNF (DNC) DNC       DNC 80
12th Titia Sjenitzer DNF DNF (DNC) (DNC)   (DNC) (DNC) DNC       DNC 85
13th Chris W-I (DNC) (DNC) (DNC) (DNC)   DNC 1 DNC       DNC 94
14th Jeremy Clarke (DNC) 1 (DNC) (DNC)   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 94
15th James Sharrock (DNC) (DNC) (DNC) (DNC)   DNC 3 DNC       DNC 96
16th Jamie Green (DNC) (DNC) 3 (DNC)   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 96
17th G. de Pommereau 3 (DNC) (DNC) (DNC)   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 96
18th Hilary Branfield 5 (DNC) (DNC) (DNC)   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 98
19th Jane (DNC) (DNC) (DNC) DNS   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 99
19th Gareth Llewellyn (DNC) (DNC) (DNC) DNF   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 99
21st M Hewis (DNC) (DNC) 6 (DNC)   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 99
22nd Andy Cutting (DNC) (DNC) 7 (DNC)   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 100
23rd Kay (DNC) (DNC) DNF (DNC)   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 103
24th Jacques Picon DNF (DNC) (DNC) (DNC)   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 104
24th Guy Bessant DNF (DNC) (DNC) (DNC)   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 104
24th Vickie King DNF (DNC) (DNC) (DNC)   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 104
27th Christelle Escoffier (DNC) DNF (DNC) (DNC)   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 105
27th Franziska Mattishent (DNC) DNF (DNC) (DNC)   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 105
27th Matt Jones (DNC) DNF (DNC) (DNC)   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 105
27th Anonymous (DNC) DNF (DNC) (DNC)   (DNC) DNC DNC       DNC 105

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