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Yacht Racing With LCSC

Yacht Racing (Inshore and Offshore)

The club organises race crews competing throughout the year in various club and open race events.. These races are run by national or international organisations and include yachts with a wide variety of performance characteristics and crew standards. Normally LCSC crews will be put together for a series of races, or a campaign leading up to a major event such as the Fastnet. The yacht used for these races by LCSC is often a charter, but selected for its racing attributes and the same yacht will ideally be used throughout. The crew gets to know the boat and its features, improving their racing performance.

Races include both inshore & regatta races, normally in the Solent, and offshore races. In-shore racing allows crews to assemble at the boat in the morning and return home the same evening, although race start times sometimes mean leaving London very early! Off-shore races are often more than 24 hours long and require the crew to spend one or more nights at sea on the boat. They therefore require a higher level of commitment, particularly when weather conditions make it difficult to predict how long a race will take. Be prepared to arrive a day or two late!

The race crews may sometimes involve non-members or specialist race trainers, but the majority are club members. Some events also include boats or crews with a strong connection with the club but which are not directly organised by LCSC. You will find information about these from time to time on the web site or through the e-mail discussion group.

Bookings and information on LCSC events are available either from the events menu, or on the offshore race calendar.

Some events are aimed specifically at beginners, whilst others suit the more advanced racer and the club has an active programme, linked up with the offshore and training programmes, with some race events specifically targeted with the right groups in mind to ensure maximum benefit from racing with LCSC and member's racing development. If you want to talk to someone about how to get involved in racing with the club, race training, or have suggestions about events the club may like to put on talk to:

Offshore Race Captain James Frampton

In 2008, an LCSC Crew were Selected for the Rolex Commodores' Cup

The club also organises a range of practical offshore training courses covering both the RYA syllabus and other areas designed to broaden and deepen sailing skills.

All these events are subject to our terms and conditions. E-mail the event organiser or sign up at the clubhouse to confirm an event.