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John Underwood


Past event:   J Underwood Memorial Trophy 3 (H)   Trophy race
Mon 9th April 2012  Start: 15:10     High water: 16:40  Sunset: 19:48

John Underwood Memorial Trophy

4th and 5th April 2010

The John Underwood Memorial Trophy is traditionally sailed over the Easter holiday period. It was donated in his memory by the family of John Underwood, a long standing, popular and successful Enterprises sailor at the club who died sailing his Enterprise Veloce on Good Friday in 1983 (check with trophy book); not a bad way to go!

This year it was competed for on Easter Day and the Bank Holiday Monday. Lively Westerly winds made for good racing on both days with frequent capsizes by the Lasers on the Monday.

The trophy calls for two starts each day with one discard allowed – so it pays to turn out on both days.

Easter Sunday the race officers Hugh and Miranda Kemlo got the boats off on time with Val leading home both races. Fergus Kemlo and Clive Kitson enjoyed close racing – too close on a couple of occasions leading to penalties. Clive also kindly surrendered his second place to the writer by not knowing the course; we’ve all done it but thanks anyway Clive.

Easter Monday saw fewer entries but slightly more wind. Kevin Seebaluck showed a clean transom to all and won the first race by a distance. The second race was closer with Ed Hipkin in his Lark avoiding capsizing for a second time at No 5 and winning from Liz St. Clair in Guinness who, having shaken out her reef from the first race finished second.

Well done to all — and many congratulations to Kevin on winning the trophy. John Underwood would have been proud of the event as the pictures show.

by Peter Hallett

Photos by Ben Wilder


Results 2010

1st Kevin Seebaluck (Laser Custard)

2nd Ed Hipkin (Lark Bob)

3rd Liz St. Clair (Enterprise Guinness)


March 23 2008

This trophy is sailed for over two days, but Saturday’s race involved only one dinghy. It was Martin Dixon and Andy Brown who were keen (or mad enough) to sail in a Force 3 gusting 5-6, plus blizzards. They managed a single lap, and for a few minutes the clubhouse disappeared in clouds of hail and snow.

Sunday started off in a similar fashion, weather-wise. One has to be a keen sailor to set off from home in a blizzard and when everyone first arrived at the club it was still snowing. It soon cleared though and the wind settled to a steady 2-3 north westerly, with the occasional gust to make life interesting. This time, two Enterprises - Martin Dixon crewed by Kerstin Exner and Gareth Llewellyn crewed by James Wright - and Robin Johnson in his Laser launched.

The beat down to No 6 was led by Robin, closely followed by Martin and Gareth, but on the run back the short beat turned into a planing reach and Robin took off and rounded No 2, laid close to Hammersmith Bridge on the Surrey side, well ahead of Martin and Kerstin. Unfortunately, before reaching No 1 buoy on the Middlesex bank Robin was overpowered on the beat and made a spectacular back flip and somersault (without double salko) landing some six feet away from the Laser. The ducking allowed Martin to overtake and as Robin was swept past the mark he had to return and fight against the tide to round it.

On the second lap, Gareth and James managed to capsize on the run back to No 2 buoy and was then swept onto the bank, prompting much fun and games before Richard Wood and Andy Brown in the Safety Boat pulled them off and then gave them a tow back to the pontoon.

In the meantime, Martin finished first, hotly pursued by Robin.

At the start of the second race, Martin had the misguided idea that he was over the line and started to return to the start before he realised that he was not. By then, Robin had established a good lead which he maintained for the rest of the race. However, he managed to keep us on the edge of our seats as he capsized while rounding No 2, but this time shot out onto the daggerboard and righted the Laser immediately, taking all of four seconds to get sailing again and finishing first across the line. Martin crossed the line in second place, but after calculating the results the Race Officer declared that Martin had won by three seconds on handicap.

1st  Martin Dixon and Kerstin Exner
2nd  Robin Johnson
Retired  Gareth Llewellyn and James Wright

Safety Boat Richard Wood and Andy Brown
Race Officers: Gavin Robertson and Beverley Beech 

by Beverley Beech

Copyright © London Corinthian Sailing Club, March 2008