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Lecture Programme

LCSC Evening Lecture Programme - Spring 2003
Unless otherwise stated all talks commence at 8pm. A five pound cover charge will be made which will include sandwiches which will be available from 7.30pm. See also Lectures.

Please note there are a couple of Revised Dates (31/1/03).


20th February 2003
Marine Pyrotechnics (including live demo!).
Guy Addington - Water Safety Co-ordinator, South East, RNLI and crew member of the Margate lifeboat.

The talk will include all that you need to know about Marine Pyrotechnics, how they are used, how they are built, what can go wrong etc. The classroom part will cover these topics regarding a range of different devices from rocket flares to hand-held flares and mini-flares etc. There will also be plenty of opportunity to 'play' with a set of dummies before getting your hands on the real thing. The live part outside will include the use of hand flares, smoke flares and maybe some mini flares.

13th March 2003
Satellite Communications for Yachtsmen
John Yates - Satellite Communications Consultant, RYA Yachtmaster and Rear-Commodore Offshore, LCSC.

John Yates is a freelance consultant specialising in mobile satellite communications such as Inmarsat.

The talk will provide an overview of satellite communications and then look at the various satellite communications systems suitable for use by yachtsmen. Aspects examined will be areas of operation, telephone calls, distress and safety capabilities, email and Internet access and cost of calls and equipment. Inmarsat and other equipment will be demonstrated.

27th March 2003 - Revised Date
"From Pencils to Pixels - the future of navigation"
Penny Haire - Chief Cruising Instructor, Royal Yachting Association

Penny is responsible for running the RYA National Cruising Scheme. She is a Yachtmaster Examiner, Chief Examiner of Instructors and has been a professional yacht skipper for 14yrs with about 120,000 miles logged. She is a part-owner of an X362 and participates in most of the RORC and JOG offshore races.

There has been a revolution in the way people navigate at sea over the last 10 years- the biggest change since Harrison invented an accurate marine timekeeper. The talk will explore these changes and look and recent and future developments in the art of maritime navigation, focussing on electronic navigation and how the RYA has developed it's training courses to make them fit for the future. There will also be a general session on RYA training schemes and how to progress within them.

10th April 2003 - Revised Date
Sea Surface Marine Life in the English Channel
Dr. Jean Luc Solandt - Biodiversity Policy Officer, Marine Conservation Society

Jean Luc Solandt graduated from Liverpool University in 1992 with a BSc(Hons) in Marine Biology and has since carried out marine research programmes worldwide in places such as Australia, Jamaica, Tanzania, Fiji, the Philippines and London. He is currently working with the UK-based Marine Conservation Society.

Jean Luc will discuss the marine life to be found in the English Channel, particularly with regard to sea-surface organisms that are likely to be encountered (mammals, sharks and turtles). He will discuss legislation in place for protection of these animals, enforcement (or lack of), and the governments review of marine nature conservation (rMNC) which is under investigation. He will introduce the migratory routes of some of these animals, explaining the associated problems with management regarding territorial coastal waters (12 nm), and the wider EEZ waters (to 200 nm) issues, and how these 'merge' with other EC member state waters.

Finally he'll discuss what LCSC members can do to monitor and record observations, and which organisations that they can contact if certain marine life are spotted (e.g. basking sharks, turtles and whales).

24th April 2003
Weather and the Offshore Sailor
Fiona Campbell - Meteorologist, Americas Cup GBR Challenge Team

Brought up on the west coast of Scotland, Fiona has been passionate about sailing and weather since an early age. Sailing any boat of any size, but with a preference for offshore big boat cruising and racing.

Fiona has spent the last two years with GBR Challenge in Auckland, NZ, and has recently returned to the UK to resume her position as meteorologist for the RYA GBR Olympic Sailing Team and marine meteorologist to any sailor.

Her talk will concentrate on forecasting for an offshore event from the Solent, but shall also touch on both coastal and ocean forecasting drawing on her recent experiences.

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