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Discussion Group Join Now!16 May
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2002 Latest:

2002 Write up and Photos

Sailing Away to Victory Hammersmith & Fulham News
Corinthian Sailing Club meets the challenge on

Pre-event press release

2002 Team:

Alan Beaney
Dave Berger
Julian Pearson
Martin Dixon
Valentin Nedyalkov
Ben Smith
Jon Smith
Robin Johnson
Chris Bassett
Debbie Thomas
Peglyn Faber
Vian Dixon

Beverley Beech
Chris Eade
Jeremy Whiting
Chris Crossland
(shore manager)


We are having weekly meeting and have arranged a minibus (with towbar!) some LCSC lettering for a new(ish) set of sails, selected Independent (please don't break it before the event!!) as our boat and are doing work on her in preparation.

If you want to know more, especially for Support teams, Email Jon Smith

Martin Dixon


This classic West Lancs Yacht Club event has seen a London Conrinthian team on an irregular basis, See our 2001 capers.

This year on 14/15th September 2002, we are hoping to put together an even stronger team. We send an International Enterprise, but Larks and GP14s may also compete.

You know the score. Sign up for the annual pilgrimage to Southport, mecca of all sailors. The only sailing event to feature a Red Bull chill out zone. With one team signed up already we're hoping to take at least two teams this year.

There are vacancies for everyone: nimble crews, speedy racing helms (we're particularly in need of these), pitstop crew (to keep an eye from the grandstand and check the Southport mob don't miss-count our laps). And it'd be nice if Wayne didn't have to singlehandedly uphold the Corinthians' drinking reputation this year. There is no mud, it's always bright sunshine and boiling hot and something about the air just makes you want to stay awake all weekend.

Did I mention its up north and they serve proper beer in all three beer tents? Your sailing club needs you! Email to sign up now.
Jon Smith


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