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Visit to/by Norwich Frostbites

Norwich 14 foot dinghies racing on a Norfolk riverThis is a lovely event against a great and charming club. Alternate years we visit them or they visit us. It is a team race - usually 4 boats a team.

When they visit us we sail in Enterprises. When we go there we are privileged to sail in the beautiful Norwich 14ft dinghies that date back many years (1920's). Some even have bamboo booms or masts.

Traditionally we all go up the night before and stay at a local bar, where we socialise with the "B" team, and so face the proper team with a whopping hangover the next morning. We never seem to learn! We are always looked after very well.


Sunday 11th February 2007

The bi-annual visit of London Corinthian Sailing Club to Norwich Frostbites Sailing Club to race for the trophy between the two clubs took place on Sunday 11th February. The team from LCSC arrived at the Club House, Thorpe St. Andrew in time for the generous home cooked dinner put on by the hosts and it more than made up for the difficult journey those who had tried to come by train had endured – including a bus journey from Diss. The bar prices and the generous welcome speech from the ‘Momadore’ Janet Hubbard also encouraged a festive night but would the team from LCSC be on their game the next day after all the indulgence? Sunday was cold and wet and it was decided to run the two trophy races back to back so as to be in the club house for a sensibly timed lunch.

The first race started at 12.30 in a gusting breeze of about 15 to 20 mph from the South West which led to some decent racing. But the visitors had to overcome both the effects of the previous evening and boats older than most of the competitors. The boats are gunter rig and were originally built to the same hull rules as the international 14 foot dinghy. When they broke away from the International 14 foot class a new boat could be bought for £36.00.

The first race became a procession after an exiting start with Robin Johnson and Kirstin Exner from the visitors demonstrating the art of last minute course alteration to avoid collision. Norwich Frostbites filled the first 3 places with Janet Hubbard and Pat Woodcock leading the way and a lesson in the art of team racing being given by David and Kate Mackley (It’s not about coming first but getting more of your team’s boats ahead of the opposition’s teams boats for the finish). The first boat home for the visitors was Lucifer sailed by Phil Robin and Liz StClaire.

The second race showed that the LCSC were beginning to learn. Although no one could match Mat Ellis and Jon Tyrrell for speed, Reece Tryfitt and Jenny Driffe showed good turn of speed and match racing savvy and still managed to pip Geof Coulthard and Eileen Urquart for 2nd place.

So the races finished, boats put away, no damage to any boats, another great lunch and job done for the home team with the trophy retained for another year. Jeremy Whiting the visitor’s team captain graciously conceded second best but challenged the home team to come to Hammersmith next year and we will see. He also presented the club with a painting of a Norfolk Wherry.

This event is definitely one for the diary and not to be missed and a big vote of thanks from the visitor to the friendship, hard work and generosity of all the home team club members who made the event such a success.


Norwich, David & Kate Macley, Mike Lees, Geoff Evans, Janet Hubbard, Pat Woodcock, Jon Tyrell, Mat Ellis, Geoff Coulthard, Eileen Urquart, David Yapp, John Gilbert, Ray Johnson, Wendy Bush.

LCSC, Jeremy Whiting, Graham Hinde, Reece Triffitt, Jenny Drife, Phil Robin, Liz St Clair, Robin Johnson, Kirstin Exner

by Peter Hallett

Sunday 20th February 2005

Team racing at Norwich proved that dinghy sailing continues all year round. What ever the weather motivated members seek the thrill of sailing dinghies.

a norfolk 14 being launched into the water

This determination was tested in mid February as members travelled to Norwich on the Saturday afternoon. The weekend forecast was cold and snowy. With perfect timing the snow started to fall as we approached Norwich.

local race officer looking for wind

We all arrived at the Oaklands hotel and checked into our rooms. Quickly followed by a rush to the bar for a few pints before dinner. The members at Norwich very kindly provided the fish & chips, a nice desert and seconds for those who wanted it.

To get the competitive spirit going for the weekend a game of darts was started, two teams, Norwich v LCSC playing a type of darts game called Killer.

both teams just starting the first race

It was a close run thing but the LCSC team played an unknown ace card in the form of Jenny Drife. Jenny feigned her lack of any ability to play darts before the match. When it came to the crunch she delivered the goods and so the first win went to LCSC.

boats hugging the shore to glide through the wind shadows

The evening continued with more talking with the Norwich members over a few pints in the bar. We then retired back to the hotel only a 5 minute walk from the Norwich sailing club. A couple more nightcaps in the hotel bar had everyone ready for a good sleep.

In the morning we woke up to clear blue skies and a light wind from the NE. After a full English the LCSC team returned to the Norwich club to watch the early morning race. James Sinclair Taylor managed to get an opportunity to sail by crewing for a Norwich member in the first race of the day. This race didn't count to the team racing results.

a couple of dinghies on a beam reach under clear blue skies

After the race had finished the LCSC team got their sailing gear on and started preparing of the two rounds of team racing.

both teams just after the second race start

We were given 4 local Norwich boats to race in. The boats are easy to sail and look great. Very stable to sail and plenty of room for the crew compared to an Enterprise.

The first race was not very close racing and the first race went to the local Norwich team.

In the second team race the boats were swapped round to level the playing field. Sadly though this didn't give the LCSC team any advantage and the second race went to the locals. Though the second race did see the locals having to work harder.

more people enjoying lunch after the racing

With the racing finished and the safety boat up the slipway we changed and sat down for lunch. Soon after the meal had started the weather turned for the worse and the snow started again.

more people enjoying lunch after the racing

everyone sat down for lunch

When lunch was finished the speakers praised the sailing of the winning team and Simon thanked the Norwich members for their hospitality and offered an invitation to race at Hammersmith in 2006. We hope they do, we will have the chance to win the trophy back.

The 2005 LCSC team, Simon Ashenden, Alan Beaney, Jenny Driffe, Kerstin Exner, Robin Johnson, James Sinclare-Taylor, Rhys Triffitt and Jeremy Whiting

The 2005 LCSC team, Simon Ashenden, Alan Beaney, Jenny Driffe, Kerstin Exner, Robin Johnson, James Sinclare-Taylor, Rhys Triffitt and Jeremy Whiting

by Jeremy Whiting

2002 Sunday 10th March:

long long vehicle sign on the motorwaypoor weather conditions with sqally showers viewed from car on motorwayThe adventure started early this year with the journey up. Wild winds blew everything around, a metal "long vehicle" sign blew up into my windscreen, we had to avoid a fallen tree and the astonishing brown clouds, that reduced visibility to yards at times, evidenced the massive wind erosion taking place in East Anglia.

The partying started with a fantabulous dinner and general booze up!

LCSC and Norwich members enjoying a meal together

Norfolk 14 boat being rigged Thankfully after civilised breakfasting, it was clear that the wind had moderated enough to allow sailing, if a bit bracing. Rigging was interesting as the complexities of reefing were worked out.
3 norfolk boats being rigged a bamboo boom

LCSC and Norfolk team racing

beverly beech leaning out to balance boat   norfolk boat planning on the river
Some breezy sailing with gusts perpendicular to the river, but the boats natural stability seemed to allow everyone to survive, Several times we were all planing - quite a sight!    
    martin dixon helming
alan beany helming    
lcsc boat hot on the heels of a norfolk boat     boats returning from rounding the first mark
And finally yet another glorious meal with more beer, and the inevitable announcement of another Norwich victory - never mind we have so much fun we will always keep coming back to try again, and next year it is back to Enterprises and the Thames, where we have a slightly better chance of winning the trophy back.
Martin Dixon
  lcsc and norfolk member enjoying lunch after racing

Visits to Norwich depart Saturday afternoon for slap-up dinner, followed by sailing on the Sunday in the classic Norwich One-Design. We sent two teams in 2000, one in 2002. Sailors and supporters welcome. Contact Ben Luddington

Here are some photo's from the 2000 visit to Norwich:

the trophy
The trophy we race for

the norwich club house and race box

boats racing on the river

boat tied up after racing

3 lcsc members

a norwich team boat

a norfolk boat on a run

classic picture of 3 boats one behind the other

home page Copyright © London Corinthian Sailing Club, 17 Apr 2002