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London Corinthian Thames Valley Circuit

11:35am, Sunday, 21st September, 2014

Exciting racing over a mile and half stretch of river. as part of the Thames Valley Circuit. Take a break from the lakes and enjoy fantastic sailing in central London. Plenty of room for rigging and free parking right by the river. This year we are also offering competitors a chance to support Bart's Bash in honour of the legendary Andrew 'Bart' Simpson. Bart's Bash is a Guinness World Record attempt to mount a sailing race with the most competitors ever in aid of a great cause: creating sailing opportunities for the personal development of our youngsters. See below for more details on how you can support Bart's Bash.

LOCATION: Linden House, Upper Mall, Hammersmith, London W6 9TA
TIME: First race 11:35, back-to-back racing finishing approx. 1400
COST: 12GBP. Includes afternoon tea after racing. Prizes for first 3 and first female helm (if different).
CLASS: There will be three classes raced: Laser Standard and Laser Radial. 4.7's. If more than 5 Radials or 4.7's enrol then they will be afforded their own start and prize. Otherwise, Portsmouth Yardstick 2013 will apply.
REGISTRATION: Registration will be at the club on the day. To help plan number you can email organiser at warren_kendall [at] if you intend to attend.
Any questions please call WARREN KENDALL, LASER CLASS CAPTAIN, 07415 030404

Bart's Bash
It is totally at your discretion whether you take part, donate and/or seek sponsorship for Bart's Bash as part of our Laser Open Meet. Please see below for more information on the cause and next steps.

To Register for Bart's Bash as part of LCSC's Laser Open Meeting:
' Register in the Laser Open Class on the Bart's Bash website.
' Select venue as London Corinthian Sailing Club (not the Yacht Section entry).
' You can set up a just giving page automatically when you register if you would like to collect sponsorship

To Donate:
' You can donate by sponsoring Warren Kendall, our Laser Captain on his Bart's Bash page

For more information on Bart's Bash see the following links:
' Bart's Bash Website
' Win a trip to San Fran and sail an AC45 and more!
' Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation
' Live Social Media Stream #bartsbash

25th September 2011

We had visitors from Burghfield, Papercourt, as far away as Whitstable and as near as Ranelagh and Wembley to enjoy the only tidal Laser Open on the Thames Valley Circuit here at LCSC.

Having been subjected to light winds for the past three Opens (and one of them without a tide) this time were blessed with a SSW Force 3 blowing down-river, so race officers Serena Alexander and Chris Crosland set an upwind/downwind course which made for tactical beating and possibly even more tricky downwind sailing, with competitors having to choose between going for clear air but facing a stronger flood tide or hugging the bank and getting caught up with other competitors looking for the path of least resistance. On top of that was the issue of when to cross the river to make for the leeward mark.

And don't we know all about that!

For the first race it seemed as if local knowledge would pay off, with home sailors Clive Kitson and Simon Hills starting well and pulling away from the fleet. Things didn't go quite to plan for us Corinthians, though. While they battled for supremacy, Daniel Francis from Papercourt - currently top of the Thames Valley leaderboard - was sailing fast, and cleverly taking in the windshifts to reel in the leaders and gain line honours. In fact, Simon Hills was forced into fourth place as John Curran from Wembley SC sailed extremely fast to come in third on a downwind finish.

Race two was even more exciting, with the pack rather more tightly bunched. Again it was Kitson and Francis leading the way, with Rob Beere from Burghfield getting the hang of the conditions and sailing very competitively upwind. Although he couldn't overhaul Clive Kitson, who gained a bullet, or Daniel Francis, he came in third with Simon Hills fourth and Andy Oliver, who's going faster every week, coming in fifth.

So with no discards there was still all to sail for in the third race. John Curran from Wembley was looking hot again, and Robin Johnson, as masterful on the river as ever, was sailing well too from a poor start, and looking to capitalise on the fifth he chalked up in the first race. And Rob Beere, now with a third under his belt, was sniffing around for a decent placing.

In the end, however, it was again Kitson ahead of Francis over the line, with Simon Hills coming in third and Rob Beere fourth. John Curran was fifth and Robin Johnson sixth.

Although it might have all been over on the water, all was not quite finished with the racing. A protest by Daniel Francis over Clive Kitson over a port-starboard incident downwind was upheld. This intriguing event, with some exciting, fast sailing over a neap tide, was won by Daniel Francis, who had competed hard in all three races. Second was Simon Hills, third Rob Beere and fourth John Curran, with the protest leaving Clive Kitson in fifth place.

It was a great open with some great racing and more visitors than home sailors. There was great organisation from Ben Wilder and the Enterprise class, who rallied the troops for superb shore support, safety boat cover and the committee boat bang on station for the racing.

Especial thanks must go to our upriver neighbours Fuller's, too, who sponsored the event with T-shirts and baseball caps as prizes and, more importantly, some free beer for the thirsty competitors. And, of course, to Robin Johnson who organised it.

by Simon Hills

Photographs by Hilary Branfield


Top 6 Results:

Position Name Club
1st Daniel Francis Papercourt
2nd Simon Hills LCSC
3rd Rob Beere Burghfield
4th John Curran Wembley
5th Clive Kitson LCSC
6th Andy Oliver LCSC


Nina Wood Trophy

26th September 2010

Picture Gallery

What is it about Laser Open Meetings and London Corinthian Sailing Club? In 2008 we had a thumping great tide, and a Force 0-1 Easterly. Last year we got another Easterly, but no tide because someone at the Thames Barrier had no idea seemingly, that Laser Open Meetings should surely be given the utmost consideration when it comes to making these decisions.

This year, we had wind! We had water! But that wind had to come from NNW, which meant if we were to start racing across the club line, the course would have to be reach; reach; reach; reach; repeat. Not exactly racing nirvana for the Thames Valley Laser fleet. But in 2008 we prevailed by sailing across the tide and the wind filling in. Last year there might not have been as much water as we'd have liked, but we got in three cracking races full of tactical decisions and changing places. And nor did LCSC disgrace itself this year, despite the weather gods obviously being away in Majorca for the weekend. Our race officer Alan Beaney made the eminently sensible decision to head off with a doughty crew in the committee boat to start the races up by Hammersmith Bridge, thus affording sailors a proper beat. The other half of the racing committee (well done Liz, Angela and Katryn) managed a finish line off the Dove pontoon. It was a day when you'd rather be sailing or in the bar than policing 26 Laser sailors champing at the bit, sitting still as the rain lashed down upon you.

Needless to say the racing was hotly contested, and we saw one-design dinghy sailing as it should have been. Our local rivals Wembley SC came mob-handed with 12 sailors, while visitors too turned up from Papercourt, meaning home sailors were outnumbered for this event. It was challenging stuff out there. The start line was right up against Hammersmith Bridge, and even with a spring flood tide, setting a line was a challenge for the race officer and getting across it properly was a challenge for the sailors. The result was one general recall, and a heavily biased port startline to make sure there wouldn't be more than one.

We managed four cracking races, which were all dominated by our own Val Nedyalkov, but he was being chased hard all the time by Peter Hamment from Papercourt. Starting was crucial over this short course, and Val had the measure of them. Behind those two, Clive Kitson, Wembley Laser Captain Steve Lindley, then LCSC members Peter Lee and Simon Hills were all in contention. None of these more so, however, than Robin Johnson, our resident Great Grand Master, and always pushing for honours at the line. Mixed up in the fleet (and well up the fleet) were two 4.7s sailed by Richard Thomas and Simon Hamment from Papercourt, and three Radials with Peter Hallett and Simon Ashenden from LCSC and Kate Pinder from Wembley. Richard Thomas took the honours in the 4.7s and Peter Hallett (contrary to the presentation!) in the Radials. In the standard fleet, Val proved unassailable. Behind him came Peter Hamment, with Clive Kitson in third place. Robin Johnson was fourth, and first grand master, while our visitor Steve Lindley got the hang of a 7m tide and came in a reputable fifth.

Thanks to him for bringing so many willing and sporting competitors to the club. Especial thanks too to Andre Gareh in the safety boat, the race team of Alan Beaney and Chris Winnington-Ingram on the committee boat and Angela Boyhan, Liz St Clair and Katrin Stolz who had an incredibly difficult job as the boats bunched up on a hook finishing line, making sail numbers incredibly hard to read. Very cold on the pontoon there, too. Lastly thanks to Woody on shore duty, who did a great job getting 26 boats on and off the water.

Roll on the Rooster 8.1 Nationals here on November 21-22.


Position Name Club
1st Val Nedyalkov LCSC
2nd Peter Hamment Papercourt
3rd Clive Kitson LCSC
4th Robin Johnson LCSC
5th Steve Lindley Wembley SC
1st Peter Hallett LCSC
2nd Simon Ashenden LCSC
3rd Kate Pinder Wembley SC
1st Richard Thomas Papercourt
2nd Simon Hamment Papercourt

by Simon Hills

Photos by Martin Dixon

Ian Bruce and Nina Wood Trophies

4th October 2009

Picture Gallery

It was the oddest sensation for London Corinthian racers on Sunday. Wind was there. Competitors were there ' six visitors from as far afield as Plymouth and Swindon joining the ten home sailors who had turned up for the event. The tide, however, wasn't.

lasers on glistening river
Yep, those important people down at the Thames Barrier decided that today ' LCSC Laser Open Meeting Day, can you believe it? ' would be the perfect time to close the barrier.

Well, what do we care? With Woody in charge and doing a magnificent job of organising informal teams of sailors to get their boats down ramps with a gradient you'd expect in the Himalayas, a good spirit among competitors endured through the racing. No tide, well, we'll sail where we like then, and race officer Chris Crosland set a good long beat upriver, with a lot of river crossing and gybing on the way back.

lasers beating
With a Force 2 westerly with a touch of South in it coming down river, it was going to be an Open in which tactics played a huge part, boat speed was essential and local knowledge ' well, it didn't count for too much in the end. The home advantage to be had in knowing how to compensate for millions of gallons of water travelling upriver at two or three knots was of little use today.

Racing got underway cleanly and on time, with the fleet tightly bunched making lots of short tacks as we made our way to buoy No 5. Down by the Eyot the wind was rather flukier, and patience, trying to find clear air and a bit of luck was the order of the day. This didn't split the fleet particularly, though, and after the reach across to No 6, it was a tight knot that made its way down to No 3, across to No 4 and then up to round buoy No 1.

Our downwind leg was then particularly tactical. There was a bit of tide coming in, and sailors were split as to whether just to keep out of it or search for a bit more puff mid-river and sail reservoir style.

lasers rounding mark
On race one a little group of Simon Hills and Phil Robin from Corinthian along with visitor Richie B formed a breakaway group at the front of the fleet. Simon, sensing that Phil and Richie were going to get in a luffing match, risked sailing well by the lee out into the tide to get clear air, and the move paid off. He came in first, followed by Phil and Richie respectively, with John Cronk in fourth place. Race two, and more of our visitors were getting in on the act. Julia Hancock from Queen Mary was up there, ending up in fourth place, while Anatolie Krivelevich, all the way from Swindon was showing great authority. The pair from Hertford, father and son Paul and Rob Farr, invited by Angela Boyhan, were getting into their stride. And Roger Irvine was moving up the places. In the end, though, Simon Hills made huge gains upwind to near the front of the fleet and after a tussle with Richie B and Anatolie around No 6 managed to gain the lead and, with one race to discard, the Open. Richie was second, Anatolie third and Julia fourth.

lasers line up before rounding mark
Although first position was taken, there was all to race for in the bid to gain other places in the third race. Simon was only to come in sixth this time round, and Richie, Julia, Anatolie along with Phil Robin, Clive Kitson and Robin Johnson had everything to fight for. Racing in this last race was probably the tightest yet. Richie, having established a formidable lead, crossed the river early to make for three and got stuck in a hole in the wind big enough to swallow Hammersmith Bridge. The rest took the signal and hugged the Surrey bank, and were making ground fast, not least Robin Johnson, our Grand Master, who was eating the yards behind him. In the end, after a tough battle, Richie prevailed, followed by Clive Kitson with Robin third. Roger Irvine was in fourth place.

The final reckoning saw Simon take overall honours, followed by Richie, with Robin and Anatolie coming equal third. In equal fifth place were Clive Kitson and Phil Robin.

A great Open then. There were battles throughout the fleet, with Andy Oliver, Kerstin Exner and Angela Boyhan fighting it out at the back and Peter Hallett, Simon Ashenden and Paul and Rob Farr in the middle. John Cronk, too was always threatening the leaders.

Superb shore supervision and organisation by Woody, who ensured trolleys were on grounded pontoons as the tide slowly rose, a great course set by race officer Chris Crosland, and these photographs courtesy of Chris Winnington-Ingram in the safety boat and Johnny Lyell on shore.

Overall Results:

1 Simon Hills, LCSC

2 Richie B., USSC

3 Anatolie Krivelevich, WFSC

3 Robin Johnson, LCSC

5 Clive Kitson, LCSC

5 John Cronk, LCSC

5 Phil Robin, LCSC

8 Roger Irvine, RWYC

8 Julia Hancock, QMSC

10 Simon Ashenden, LCSC

11 Rob Farr, HCYC

12 Paul Farr, HCYC

13 Peter Hallett, LCSC

14 Andy Oliver, LCSC

15 Kerstin Exner, LCSC

16 Angela Boyhan, LCSC

by Simon Hills

Photos by Chris W-I and Johnny Lyell

  Copyright © London Corinthian Sailing Club, 2010