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Harley Cup

The Harley Cup was presented by Chris and Maggie Eade at the Laying Up Supper in 2003 and first raced for on November 14 2004 when Chris, sailing with Martin Dixon, managed to win it straight back!

Chris and Maggie added some interesting instructions for the competitors wanting to win this cup. To compete for the trophy each participating boat had to be sailed by one Offshore and one Dinghy sailor.




Saturday June 18 2011

16 dinghies entered for this year's Harley Cup, 12 enterprises and 4 Visions. The Harley cup was donated by former club manager Chris and Maggie Eade and named after their ferocious looking but softie black Great Dane Harley. Chris donated the trophy as a friendly competition between offshore and dinghy sailors sailed in dinghies at Hammersmith.

A gusty South-Westerly of about 15mph, although much stronger during the gusts, greeted competitors. Race officer Alan Beaney had three races to get off - a new format this year to accommodate the Visions for the first time. And all races to count as he took pains to brief to competitors although not many seemed to listen.

A short course of No 4,No 3, No 1 was set and eventually using both pontoons all boats were launched - roll on the day we have the third pontoon in place - but even so a couple of competitors were late for the start. General carnage of the fleet followed as the conditions took their toll. The photos really show it.

Winners of the first race was Guinness with Liz St Clair (dinghies) and Jeremy Clark (offshore). Second race was won by Jaques Picon (dinghies), Claire Oscroft and James Alsop (offshore). This boat also won the third race and was the only starter in it too, all other competitors either having retired or not bothered listening to the race officer that the cup was three races - all to count.

The overall winners were therefore:

1st: Jaques Picon, Claire Oscroft and James Alsop - Vision #3
2nd: Liz St Clair and Jeremy Clark - Guinness
3rd: Gareth (Rat) Lewellyn and Georgina Beken - Jester

A great event, thanks to the sterling work on the safety boats of Andre Gareh and Stuart Lund and the overall event organiser Ben Wilder. And lessons from the event? Keep the mast in the vertical plane and listen to the race officer briefings.

For pictures follow the link.

by Peter Hallett

Photos by Peter Hallett and Johnny Lyell

Copyright © London Corinthian Sailing Club, 2011