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Doreen / W. Cresta


Past event:   Barnes Trophy & Bob Cup (E), Doreen Challenge (L)   1st Novice crew, 1st novice helm in enterprise, and laser cup
Sun 5th August 2012  Start: 15:30     High water: 17:34  Sunset: 20:41

Doreen Cup / Webb Cresta Cup

Laser and Enterprise class trophy races. The Webb Cresta cup dates back to racing at LCSC in 1925.

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26 October 2008

The weather forecast was awful, lots of wind and rain, and so it was when one looked out early in the morning, by the time the keen Laser sailors reached the club the wind had dropped to zero. This resulted in a lot of standing around, looking wistfully at the leaves on the trees and eventually a course was decided. One lap to No5 and back to No 1, both to starboard and then six laps to No4 to starboard and No3 to port downriver from the island and back to No1 (starboard) off Weltje terrace.

Fortunately, the wind arrived as the dinghies were being launched and four keen Laser sailors got off to a good start, some with a better start than others. Clive Kitson with his new super large sail crossed the line a little prematurely and had to return and re-cross.

The Lasers beat down to No6 without incident with Clive hurrying to catch up the fleet who were reaching across to No 5 and then having to decide whether to run down the side of the island or reach back across the river to the Surrey bank. All the Lasers chose the Surrey bank, re-crossing the river to round No1 buoy. By this time Clive had overtaken the fleet rounding No1 just ahead of Robin Johnson, while Francis Brown, who had arrived after a morning out in a scull, jostled for position with Kerstin Exner. On the second round Robin caught Clive at no4, when he was rounding on port tack. After Clive took his penalty they were in close competition for the lead right to the end of the race.

Phil Robin and Richard Roberts in the Safety Boat hovered expectantly but were not needed to fish anyone out of the water. With a Force 2 wind no-one capsized, not that it made a lot of difference, it poured with rain during the race so the competitors were just as wet as they would have been had they been for a dip.

Finally, Clive finished first but not far enough ahead to beat the handicap for the larger sail, on corrected time. The Race Officer shortened the race just after high tide and four completed laps. Robin Johnson won on corrected time.


  1. Robin Johnson
  2. Clive Kitson
  3. Kerstin Exner

RTD: Francis Brown

by Beverley Beech

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