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President & Bolwell


Past event:   President Trophy (H) / Bolwell Cup (H)   over 50s and under 50s handicap races
Sun 29th June 2014  Start: 14:45     High water: 16:46  Sunset: 21:21

President's Trophy and Bolwell Cup

Over 50 or under 50 Races

The President's Trophy for a helm over 50 and the Bolwell Cup for the under 50s. The President's Trophy is a beautiful tray presented and engraved with a poem by our previous President, Sir Alan Herbert.

Sunday 25th July 2010


The sun was shining, occasionally, and the wind looked promising, Force 3 southerly, but it soon changed to a Force 2 westerly. The Race Officer and President, Beverley Beech, set a course with all the marks to starboard (useful for those with poor memories) No 6, No 5 and No 1 twice, and then No 4, No 3 and No 1 four times.

Robin Johnson got off to a flying start on his Laser, closely followed by the rest of the fleet on a beat up to No 6; except for Adrian Davey and Martine Clayson, who were over the line and had to return to start properly. It was not long before the Lasers left the two Enterprises behind, and on the run down to No 1 Robin was closely followed by Francis Brown, Peter Hallet, Kerstin Exner and Kevin Seebaluck.

Half way through the second lap Peter's sail collapsed and he made an early retirement. By the fourth lap, Francis Brown retired on the grounds of stiff knees, not a good condition to suffer if you are a Laser sailor, but it went some way to explain why he was standing up on the run.

During the race the trainees on their Visions were practising capsize drill (at least that was their excuse) but it made for some interesting manoeuvres when the racing fleet ducked out of their way.

The Laser group gradually increased their lead, greatly helped by Adrian and Martine and James Eatwell and Silke John conducting what appeared to be a "tete-a-tete" on the water. Fortunately for them the Race Officer was concentrating so hard on recording the sequence of dinghies crossing the line she must have missed the multiple 720s that at least one of the dinghies was required to do. This also, fortunately for them, had they not done one (or two or three) penalty turns, avoided the possibility of the Race Officer protesting the dinghies for not making a protest!

Clearly, the ''tete-a-tete" failed to produce any new super tactics as James and Silke on the next lap decided to conduct a close inspection of the trees on the island. As the tide rose the wind abated slightly, and all the fleet finished in style.

The President's Trophy is awarded to an over 50 helm and crew and the Bolwell Cup is awarded to the under 50s. Robin Johnson was awarded the tray and, as custom dictates, the winner is required to read the poem by A. P. Herbert inscribed, in very small lettering, on the tray. Robin had forgotten his glasses and aided and abetted, not very helpfully, by Beverley - they struggled to read the inscription. At the end, some wag suggested that next time it might be better to award the President's Trophy to the under 50s, and then they might have a better chance of being able to read it.

The Bolwell Cup was then awarded to Kevin Seebaluck who, fortunately for him, only had to pose for a picture. Second place was awarded to Kerstin Exner despite Adrian claiming that he was over 50 and thereby causing further confusion and even more jollity.

Results President's Trophy

Position Helm and Crew Boat Class
1st Robin Johnson Mollie Laser
Retired Francis Brown   Laser
Retired Peter Hallett Chi Laser

Results Bolwell Cup

Position Helm and Crew Boat Class
1st Kevin Seebaluck Custard Laser
2nd Kerstin Exner Blue Flame Laser
3rd Adrian Davey and Martine Clayson Telegraph Enterprise
4th James Eatwell and Silke John Otazell Enterprise

by Beverley Lawrence Beech

Photos by Martin Dixon

22nd April 2007

This years winner of the Presidents Trophy is Robin Johnson (left). The trophy was presented by our club President Tony Robinson.

trophy awarded by Tony Robinson to Robin Johnson

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