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News 1999

LCSC Treasure Hunt

27 / 28 th July 2002 - RESULTS

The Judges and organisers thank all participants in the 2002 LCSC Solent Treasure Hunt for entering into the spirit of the evening and making it such a success.

Prizewinners and points are as follows:

      Los Banditos
  - The Four Seasons
(Treasure Hunt Trophy)
  Drakes 7
  - Monet
(Wooden Spoon for last place)
  Sangatte Seven
  - Pissaro
(T shirt competition)
  Mike Woods (Special Parkhurst Prison Mug award for the 'Free Mike Woods' themed fancy dress)
  Sangatte Seven
  - Pissaro
(Wooden Spoon for most inappropriate scavenger item - 'Blackgang Chine at Night')


77 points Los Banditos / The Four Seasons
75 points The Jolly Rogers / El Greco
74 points Rumagicians / Sigmagician
72 points The Banana Spliffs / The Flying Banana
70 points The Sangatte Seven / Pissaro
67 points The Contrabandiere / Arbitrator
65 points Cool Rummings / Bonnard
53 points Drakes 7 / Monet
  Judges' boat - UnaCustomed /Buckshot


Saturday 14th July 2001 - RESULTS

1st Buckshot - Mark Lewis. The Buckshot Brigands 156 pts
2nd Paul Newman - Flying Formula. Paul Newmans Fan Club 142 pts
3rd John Yates - Sigmadrigal. The Moet Mermaids 135 pts
4th Wind's Will - Gordon Robinson. Signor Morettis Hat 129 pts
5th Phil Eley - Bypass. Phil's Silken Sirens 128 pts
6th Chris Eade - Flying Banana. Pieces of 6 87 pts
7th Francis Brown - Kalinda. The R & P Party 33 pts
Wooden Spoon #1 Sigmariner - Mary Dawson. Failed to finish.  
Wooden Spoon #2 Flying Banana for getting Red Jet 1 and Red Jet 3 but not Red Jet 2!!  
Wooden Spoon #3 Flying Banana for failing to solve the anagram for Harley - their dog - when all the other teams did!!  

Not sure anyone ever recovered enough to send in a write up or photos yet for 2001. 2001clues.


LCSC Millennium Treasure Hunt

June 2000 - RESULTS

On behalf of the judges, I would like to thank all skippers and crew for entering into the competitive spirit and thus ensuring the Club's first Solent Treasure Hunt was such fun and an instant success!

The level of ingenuity displayed by the competitors delighted the judges - such as:

  • obtaining a prime time 'plug' for the event on the local radio station (although the crew's attempt by this medium to obtain a bus ticket for the scavenger hunt was doomed to failure)
  • the shameless way certain teams exploited a poor Indian restaurant in Newport by demanding a faxed copy of their menu!
  • the cheeky charm employed by one individual who managed to persuade the local bus depot to reset their ticket terminal and issue one with the previous day's date!
  • the blatant attempts by certain female team crew members to gain favour with the judges (the male judges were not influenced and therefore several girls thought we were gay)!

We know each team has a story to tell on how they obtained the scavenger items - so let's have your stories!

The results were as follows:

True Glory First 134 points Trophy and tumblers
Buckshot Joint Second 130   'Sucking-up prize'
Bypass Joint Second 130    
Good Question Fourth 117    
Cornix II Fifth 100    
Act of Defiance Sixth 71   Best decorated t-shirts
Jane's Boy Retired     Spoon and eye patch award

Copyright © London Corinthian Sailing Club, 29 Aug 2002