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Yacht racing and cruising

For a sailing club based in Hammersmith, LCSC has an amazingly active offshore section. We have no marina full of yachts on our doorstep and the vast majority of members do not own so much as a share of a boat. However, this does not stop members organising a vast range of exciting offshore events, which are unconstrained by our distance from the coast. And they are always looking for crew to join in...

Club competitions The club organises a small number of events which are only open to club boats, crewed by club members. Sign up and we will guarantee to find you a place in the event (if they haven't already sold out...). Cruises Sign up for a cruise and you can spend the weekend out on the water, with fellow club members, enjoying a visit to a port within easy reach. The perfect way to get used to the pleasures of sailing.
Member cruises If you want to go further afield, LCSC has a number of members at any one time who are scattered around the world. You can join up with them for part of their trip and get to enjoy parts of the globe of which a novice sailor would normally only dream. Racing Club members are constantly organising crews to take part in inshore and offshore yacht races. For the ambitious (or adventurous) sailor there is no finer way to improve your skills or have fun on a Sunday. The races themselves are not directly organised by the club, but crews are organised both by the club and by member skippers.

The club also organises a range of practical offshore training courses covering both the RYA syllabus and other areas designed to broaden and deepen sailing skills.

All these events are subject to our terms and conditions. E-mail the event organiser or sign up at the clubhouse to confirm an event.