Myth of Malham 

The first crew outing got us a medallion and a promising start to the Fastnet campaign!

Vitesse, skippered by Peter Hopps, placed 3rd in the Sigma 38 class on the Myth of Malham race 2011, and 8th in IRC 4 class.  We were at RORC on Tuesday night to collect our medallion and had a sparring talk with the owner/skipper of Persephone (who crossed the finish line 20 minutes ahead of us!).

Persephone\'s skipper, who is also a RORC committee member, spoke highly of Peter, who apparently has won more medals for racing in the Fastnet Sigma 38 class than any other Sigma 38 skipper.

The conditions in the race were hairy at times with west north west winds blowing between 15 to 25 kts and at times gusting over 30 kts.  Our all time top boat speed was 18.1kts!  We held it together and raced like a well oiled machine guided by our skipper.  We had the ‘Twin Joker Trims’ – James and Richard; ‘Tea on Main’ – Nick; ‘Playing with new AIS toy’ – Jon E; ‘Nimble Bow’ – Susie; ‘Hoist/Release Pit’ – Bonnie; ‘Pull pull Mast’ – Jon B and of course skipper Peter on board Vitesse.
As we rounded Eddystone Lighthouse, we hoisted the heavyweight spinnaker and off we went!  We flew homebound with the spinnaker up most of the way. Fifty five nautical miles from the finish line Peter noticed a rip at the head of the spinnaker, which quickly tore when it caught the wind.  When the spinnaker went, we were calmly but firmly directed how to drop the spinnaker and rig the genoa on the pole.  Within five minutes and minimal perceptible loss to boat speed, we were off again!
It was a fantastic race, and the crew had a thoroughly  fabulous time (however, for some of the crew, the only thing missing on board was crisps!) But seriously, there were tricky moments, which is to be expected of racing but we were all appropriately taken care of by Peter and each other.
Vitesse Fastnet Crew 2011

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