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During recent weeks there have been further instances of intruders at Linden House. The Trust Management Committee (TMC) is investigating how we can improve our security but any such measures also require increased vigilance and security-awareness on the part of members of both clubs.

Entry by the intruders is generally not forced and is gained through either the main entrance or through the basement door. The intruders are quite obviously not "sailing or rowing types" - they are in their early teens and tend to wear tops with hoods.

At the main entrance they ring the buzzer, pretend they are a new member, and gain entrance from the door control at the bar. The TMC has decided to install a simple CCTV system operated from the bar so that callers can be seen and if necessary someone can go downstairs to talk to them to ensure they are bona fide visitors.

At both the main entrance and basement door intruders have been known to simply walk in behind members. If you are entering the building and someone you don't recognise or who doesn't "look the part" enters with you DO SOMETHING. Either challenge them or, if you don't feel comfortable doing that, TELL SOMEBODY ELSE (there are usually other people either in the changing rooms or in the bar) so that the stranger can be challenged.

It is hoped that by following these guidelines we can substantially reduce or even eliminate the number of instances of walk-in intruders at Linden House.

John Yates
Vice Commodore

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