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Will's Wind in French Trip

August Bank Holiday Weekend

Paul Simons

Starting off at sunset for France, Will's Wind made extraordinarily bad progress. Within minutes, a spooky thick fog rolled in across the Itchen, the engine speed was reduced to the pace of an arthritic hedgehog and inexperienced members looked for lifeboats to escape on.

Skipper Rod Eames decided to follow Paracetamus, which was following a strange zig-zag pattern similar to that used by convoys in the Second World War to avoid U-boat attack. Submarines were not sighted, but ships the size of Canary Wharf did appear out of nowhere in a highly provocative manner. It was only later that we discovered that Paracetamus had been hijacked by drug-crazed lobsters under no human control. Charlotte Cochrane made a stunning dinner while Paul Simons was attacked by vegetarian meatballs shooting off the cooker.

The fog grew thicker and so did the crew. An echo reflector was dangled - as much use as waving a hankie at an oncoming jumbo jet - and a fog horn bleated like a frog with laryngitis. When we reached the Solent, John Hargreaves used his immense navigational skills to drop anchor off Sandown.

Next day was warm, clear and sunny, but little wind. The motor was started, but stalled repeatedly after moving backwards and forwards. Owner Tim Watts thrilled to receive our distress call at 05:30 hours but his advice came to nothing. Then Rod noticed the fisherman's buoy we had anchored close to was now missing, and so was the rope it was attached to. Divers were called out, featuring bronzed beerguts, tatoos and pierced nipples - much appreciated by Nuala Galazka - and cut us loose from the lobster pot we had fouled. 'Free the Lobsters', cried the seabed prisoners, but alas they remained in detention.

Tim Waite sailed by and looked surprisingly pleased, helped by an all-female crew surrounding him like a photocall for Hugh Heffner. We declined to follow his hareem to France and instead sailed to Cowes, where the last day of the America's Cup was celebrated with tall ships, the Red Arrows and filthy rich bastards. There was even one boat carrying a helicopter on its top deck.

We moored at the Foley Inn for a night of tabletop dancing, the Isle of Wight version of lap dancing. Next day a cold front came in with thunder and lightning, and as we made for Poole, Paul Simons - fresh from his incompetent crew course - steered a course inbetween two oncoming ferries steaming fast in a scissors' movement. The tide was growing too strong, and so we put in to Yarmouth, where Paul Simons caught his foot in the helm wheel whilst headfirst in a locker, steering the boat towards a docked ferry and a verbal exchange with the skipper.

Fine weather and some better winds took the boat round the Solent, where Melanie Haslam pleaded to be yanked off by the coastguard, whose helicopter was out practising rescues on yachts. Rosemary Littler and Nieve made a terrific lunch standing at 45 degrees in the galley - Rosemary having travelled from Leeds for the privilege. The marina was reached by sundown and the trip nicely rounded off when a jar of Branston pickle popped its lid and jumped out of a binliner down Paul Simons's trousers and shoes. Much hilarity all round and lashings of gingerbeer afterwards. Congratulations to Rod for his first trip as a fully fledged skipper, in charge of a crew half of them very inexperienced.

Copyright © London Corinthian Sailing Club, 14 Sep 2001