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Winter Lecture Series11 Dec
HWS week 87 Dec
HWS week 730 Nov
Harley Cup update #328 Nov
HWS week 622 Nov
HWS week 517 Nov
Harley Cup update #216 Nov
Middle Sea Race7 Nov
HWS week 43 Nov
Trafalgar Dinner2 Nov
Trafalgar trip2 Nov
HWS week 326 Oct
HWS week 218 Oct
Harley Cup update13 Oct
HWS week 111 Oct
Southport 20059 Oct
Little Britain report23 Sep
Volvo Ocean Race opportunity17 Sep
City Sailing: LCSC win14 Sep
New Manager7 Sep
Ranelagh Race2 Sep
Bojangles Fastnet1 Sep
Ball Photos1 Sep
Channel Race 200527 Jul
Recruitment of a new LCSC General Manager20 Jul
Greenwich update11 Jul
4 go JOG21 Jun
Morgan Cup Race16 Jun
PLA Thames Meeting14 Jun
Online signup14 Jun
Fullers racing fixture25 May
Club gilets20 May
Enterprise Open 20057 Apr
Innovation dismasted18 Mar
Norwich Frostbites17 Mar
Boat Race Day17 Mar
Dinghy Show4 Mar
Boat Show15 Feb
Ellen Triumph10 Feb
Wine Tasting9 Feb
Club Handbook8 Feb
Social Events8 Feb
Gay Cameron29 Jan
EGM Cancelled21 Jan
Taurus Trophy16 Jan
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Online signup for events

As part of our continuing efforts to improve the admin of offshore events and make it easier for members to get involved, you can now sign up for one of these events by following the booking link. This page shows the status of the event (e.g. "Bookings for this event are now open.") and a link - "To book this event, click here." Clicking on this will add you to the crew list for the event.
Please note that if the booking page says that you will be waitlisted then you do not have an automatic place on the event. By signing up for an event in this way you are confirming your intention of going on the event and you will be sent a reminder for payment at the appropriate time. If the event has payment due then please send payment without waiting for a reminder.
If this facility becomes popular and widely used we will introduce further enhancements. Meanwhile, any comments or suggestions to

Mark Emerson

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