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August 2011 Enterprise Ronda Mark 3 Trial at LCSC

We loved it!  The new Ronda hull design for the Enterprise solves the boat’s major drawback.  As we know, when righted after capsize the traditional Enterprise is full of water right up to the gunwales.  Carrying a bucket is essential and the penalty for capsize is disproportionate.

Now though - no bucket needed.  On righting the M3 there is a great deal less water in the boat and almost all of it quickly runs out of the new transom holes.  The cost of this gain is that the boat sits a bit higher on the water.  Fine for taller people, but a bit more of a challenge for those of us well under 6 feet.   The solution will probably require the installation of righting straps - similar to those already on our Vision training fleet.

There are two more advantages to the M3.  The usual two thwarps have been replaced with only one and this is placed more centrally in the boat.  The result is not only a stronger boat, but a lot more room for both crew and helm.  Now we just need to persuade the powers that be to replace the kicker with a “gnav”.

I suspect most existing Enterprise sailors will continue to sail with an aft sheeted main, but the new M3 offers an interchangeable option of centre sheeting too.  This might work out well for us at LCSC in encouraging our Vision students to migrate over to the more lively class.

Following the trial, we have a number of members interested in purchasing the new boat or new hulls.  If you are one of them, please get in touch for more information and also so that we can approach Ronda jointly. Mail

Two sets of photos here and here (M3 sail no:K18116 and the 2003 Enterprise sail no:22465)

by Liz St. Clair

Photos by Peter Hallett

Copyright © London Corinthian Sailing Club, 9 Sep 2011