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London Corinthian Sailing Club

Annual General Meeting

Next AGM.

The next AGM will be held at 8pm at Linden House on Thursday 26th November 2009.

The Notice of AGM including draft agenda and nomination form; proposals for club rule changes; and proxy voting form are available here.


The final agenda, draft annual accounts, and list of nominations for club officers are now available at the same link.


Last AGM.

The last AGM was held 8pm at Linden House on Thursday 27th November 2008.

Your new Mancom at the AGM - see who's who for full details.

Minutes are available here.


AGM Documents (Notice, agenda, minutes etc. posted here).

Felicity Hunt


AGM 2006(7).

The last AGM was held at 8pm at Linden House on Monday 12th February 2007.

Your new Mancom at the AGM - see who's who for full details.

Notice of AGM.
Draft LCSC Bylaws.
padlock to indicate accounts files are secureLCSC 2006 Accounts.
padlock to indicate accounts files are secureLCSC 2006 general expense analysis.
padlock to indicate accounts files are secureAGM Meeting Agenda.
padlock to indicate accounts files are secureAGM Nominations.

Nominations deadline.

The deadline for receiving nominations has been extended by 7 days, to Tuesday 30 January.

Meeting Minutes.

Minutes of the recent AGM and SGM meetings are on the website in the Files section.

Previous committee.

Your new committee - see who's who for current management committee details:


Special General Meeting (SGM) in 2006.

There was an SGM held on 28th September 2006 to approve the 2005 accounts as the offshore accounts had not been completed by the meeting.

AGM for 2005.

The AGM for 2005 was held on Thursday 24th November 2005.

Copies of the agenda, including nominations and any duly received motions, and copies of the 2004 -5 accounts will be posted on the Club Notice Board and on the Club website on or before 11 November 2005.

AGM Notice, nominations, agenda, proposals etc.

Note: Friday 4th November is deadline for completed proposals to reach the Hon Sec (Felicity Hunt)


Previous AGM: Thursday 25th November 2004 (yes 2004!).

Documents relating to the AGM are now held in the members area and are updated every so often:

AGM Notice, nominations, agenda, proposals etc.

Thursday 29th January 2004

Your New Committee for 2004 see who's who for details

Downloads for 2004 AGM:


List of nominations for Club Officers

Proposed changes to membership rules

Accounts posted in member's files area.


Thursday 30th January 2003 at 8.00pm

Your new Committee 2003, see committee etc. for all posts.


High attendance despite the dreadful snow and ice. Maggie provided great sandwiches to sustain us.

If you have any queries relating to the accounts e-mail John McCormack at jjmccormack@btinternet.com.

New subscription rates voted in (80% in favour). New rolling membership year voted in (100%).

New committee voted in - now 3 rear commodores. Only contested seat was RC (Dinghies).


Notice of AGM 2003

Discuss how the club should be run, vote for officers.

Annual General Meeting
In accordance with Rule 10(a), notice is hereby given that the 109th Annual General Meeting will be held at 8.00 p.m. on Thursday, 30th January 2003 at Linden House. Copies of the Agenda, including nominations and any duly received motions, of the 2000/2001 accounts and of the 2001/2002 accounts (if available) and Minutes of the preceding AGM will be posted on the Club Noticeboard on or before 16th January 2003 and copies will be available from the Manager or can be mailed in response to a written request to the Hon. Secretary.

Nominations for Officers of the Club and any Motions MUST be in the hands of the Hon. Secretary 21 days before the AGM, that is by Thursday 9th January 2003.

Officers to be elected:

Office    Present Holder
President  John Herbert
Vice Presidents  Sally Buckley, Gavin Robertson and Ann Fraser
Commodore  Beverley Lawrence Beech
Vice Commodore  Paul Davis
Rear Commodore (Dinghies)  Una Hodgkins
Rear Commodore (Offshore)  John Yates
Rear Commodore (Training) below. See Para (2)
Hon Treasurer  John McCormack
Hon Secretary  Tony Robinson
Hon Sailing Secretary  Eric Pouget and Onursal Soyer (joint)
Hon Harbourmaster  Terry Dawson
Hon Asst Treasurer (Membership)  Jayne Hampson (co-opted)
Social Secretary  Tash Barton


A candidate for election as an officer of the Club must be proposed and seconded by members entitled to attend and vote at the AGM and his or her nomination, signed by the proposer and seconder, must be delivered to the Hon Secretary by Thursday, 9th January; the candidate must also have indicated his or her willingness to serve. The Rules require that Flag Officers must be members of at least two years standing and all Officers must be Full Members.

(1). The Trust is seeking professional advice to update the estimates (originally prepared for the Lottery Appeal and updated before the actual purchase of Linden House) for estimates of the costs of maintaining the building and facilities over the medium to long term but it is expected that the Trust will wish to increase the Capitation Fee charged to the Club. Other costs have risen since the last change to subscription rates two years ago. It will therefore be proposed that for the year beginning 1st October 2003 (but see Para 3 below) the entrance fee, where applicable, will be increased from £15 where it has been for some years to £25 and annual subscriptions will be raised as follows:
Full from £125 to £135
Family from £190 to £210
Country from £50 to £55
Overseas from £30 to £35
Under 23/ student no change £35
Associate from £90 to £100
Winter £60

It will be noted that it is not proposed to reintroduce the temporary reduction in Winter Membership but the subscription will be reduced from £70 which was the previous figure to £60.

(2). It will be proposed that the number of Rear Commodores be increased from two to three with the intention that the third will take an overview of and co-ordinate training throughout the Club.

(3). The Meeting will be asked to approve, in principle, the transfer to a rolling subscription year so that each new member's subscription year will run for twelve months from the first of the month following the date of election. This will not affect existing members but will progressively spread the Club's income, reduce the peak in the burden of the Asst. Hon. Treasurer and eliminate the need for the special provisions for those joining in the Spring and Summer. For practical reasons, it may not be possible to introduce this immediately but this motion, if passed will make it possible for the Management Committee to introduce it as soon as it can be done.

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