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e-mail discussion

E-Mail Discussion Group

  • Keep more in touch with club activity
  • Most members have joined
  • It's Free and a great success
  • It's private

Please read the rules (very short!) first, then:

Subscribe Here

or alternatively send an e-mail to subject "subscribe" or "help" for more information.

Once subscribed you can change your options or view the discussion archives here.

Deborah Ley and Berenice administer this members only private discussion group (only club officials can access the list of subscriber e-mail addresses). Members are strongly encouraged to join this list. If you are not a member but may have a legitimate reason to subscribe please contact Berenice.

It is easy to subscribe and to use. Once you are approved all you can send mail to all members of the group (without knowing their individual addresses) using In fact anyone can send to the group but if not sent from a subscribed e-mail address the administrator will have to manually approve or reject it.

You can choose to receive daily digest or immediate individual emails. Choosing daily digest emails has the adantage of fewer emails in your inbox if you do not mind the delay. If you are already subscribed and wish to change your email configuration options open the subscribe page. Enter your email address in the last box on the page. Then click the button "Unsubscribe or edit options". The next page asks you for your password, enter your password and click the "Log in" button. Do not worry if you have forgotten your password. Click the "Remind" button to have it emailed. Once you are logged in, your existing configuration is shown. Find the section headed "Set Digest Mode" on a grey background. Select the "On" option for digest or "Off" for individual then click the button "Submit My Changes".

For email programs or devices that do not like fancy formatting you can choose plain text. Use the above instructions to log in and edit your subscription. On the edit subscription page find the section headed "Get MIME or Plain Text Digests?" on grey background. Select the "Plain" option then click the button "Submit My Changes".

There is an archive so you can see the mails on a web page - you will need the password sent to you when you subscribe.

If you have several e-mail addresses, you can subscribe multiple times, and can choose which ones, receive mail. These emails MUST be registered on your details on the membership database.

If you have questions or are having problems ask an administrator via e-mail

This Discussion group is in addition to notices at the club, the printed Club Newsletter and the website. Please continue to e-mail Martin and the rest of the we team with suitable news for the website.

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