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Web Cresta


Past event:   Webb Cresta(E)/Doreen Challenge (L)  
Sun 28th October 2007  Start: 13:30     High water: 15:34  Sunset: 16:42

Webb Cresta Challenge Cup - 2006

Sunday 19th November 2006

This large cup, looking a bit like a champagne cooler, was presented to the Club in 1925 by someone called R Webb, any other history has disappeared into the mists of time.

Looking out of the window on the morning of the race hardly a leaf moved. Not a good sign, but dinghy sailors should have learned by now that just because it looks like there is little or no wind at home that does not mean that the same conditions apply at Hammersmith, or even that the conditions will stay the same by the time the race starts. And so it was with the conditions on Sunday. As we rigged our boats the wind increased, the sun shone and there was a beautiful clear blue sky, and by the time the race started the wind was a good force 3-4, westerly. Unfortunately, most dinghy sailors decided to stay at home and only six dinghies ventured onto the river.

The race officer set a beat down to number 5 off the upstream end of the island a run and a short reach over to number 4 and a beat across to number 3, jibe around that mark and down the river to number 1 to beat back up the river again. Alan Beaney and his crew Jess Holley established an early lead closely followed by John Chick and Jenny Drife. Chris Crosland and Beverley Beech had a close battle with two new members Steve Fleming and Luke Garfied in Independent until, on the penultimate lap, they rounded number 4 buoy a hooked the buoy with the main sheet. Unable to unhook it Steve had to release the main sheet completely and then re-thread it through the block. This took time, and, as a result, they were unable to make up the lost time and catch up Chris and Beverley.

The conditions were ideal and everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable sail.

picture of Alan Beaney and Jess Holly winners of the Web Cresta Cup
  1. Alan Beaney and Jess Holley Bean2
  2. John Chick and Jenny Drife Pilgrim
  3. Chris Crosland and Beverley Beech Flute
  4. Steve Fleming and Luke Garfield Independent

Robin Johnson, Hugh and Miranda Kemlo cruised.

by Beverley Beech

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